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About Us

It was 5 years ago when Ali, one of our founding partners and self-confessed gift shopper, was struggling to find some themed gifts, cards and wrapping for a some close relatives. 

Looking for curated gifts for lovers of animals, gardening, food and cars, along with husband Rob and a family friend the first specialist online giftshop was born, specialising in motoring gifts.

Following the success of that first venture, Gifts Made Easy was born to widen the availability of themed gifts, cards and wrapping making it easier for you to put a smile on the face of those you love and care about.

Indeed, from those early days this has always been out "why" and was recently illustrated in some wonderful feedback we received from one of our customers of our first venture:

"Not just a Landrover card for my Dad; to my Dad, who has dementia, this wasn’t just a card! This was more than that! This great card brought back fond memories to him of the days, he owned and drove his Landrover and the fantastic enjoyment it gave him and my Mum.

As you can imagine he loved it! Especially hearing the start up sounds! Please keep doing what you’re doing. It really brings a lot of happiness to peoples lives."

We very much hope you find a gift on our site to bring similar smiles and happiness to your loved one, friend, relative or colleague.


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